We are PT Karunia Makmur Utama

Agent of ROTORK for Kalimantan & Sulawesi Area.


PT KARUNIA MAKMUR UTAMA, established in 2012, is trusted to have a business license to move in the field of supplying products for oil & gas companies, mining, chemical industries and power plant.
PT KARUNIA MAKMUR UTAMA, is trusted to be a Agent of Motor Operating Valve (MOV) products with brand ROTORK for the East Kalimantan and Sulawesi Region.

Our company focuses on expertise in the field, which is supported by professionals who understand and prioritize "satisfaction", "original" or "equal product" with "certificates of origin" according to our clients 'requirements, and our clients' interests are the most important. and good communication is the main key to success in every business.


Being a company in the field of procurement of goods and construction services that are professional, independent, trustworthy and trusted in all aspects of the company.


  1. Produce and improve quality products by providing the best service to customers (customer satisfaction).
  2. Improving performance based on healthy, effective, efficient and innovative competition.
  3. Increase company value and employee welfare.
  4. Provide the Best Service to Customers.


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